Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory
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Zoia Pavlivna Ordynska

Associate professor of the department

Zoia Pavlivna Ordynska

Works in KPI since 1969

Teaches on faculties: FIOT, FMF

Courses taught:
mathematics for economists: higher mathematics (FMM: marketing, econimics of enterprise, international economics);
mathematical analysis (FIOT: computer engineering);
solving of mathematical problems (FMF: mathematics)

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M.Gorky Kiev State Pedagogic Institute, graduated 1962, Faculty of physic and mathematic, specialty: mathematics and technical drawing, qualification: teachef for mathematics, technical drawing and astronomy, Diploma with honour

Academic degree:

Candidate of physical-math. Sciences (01.01.02 Differencial equations), 1977, “Invariant toroidal diversity of systems with delay”

Academic rank:

Docent, Department of higher mathematics, 1981

Scientific interests:

Research of multifrequency oscillations of real systems with aftereffect that can be reduced to differential equation systems with delay

Latest works:

1. Higher mathematics: Lections for students of financial and economical specialties // Kiev, NTUU KPI, Polytechnika, 2008, 200 p. (co-authors: V.V.Buldygin, L.A.Repeta.)

2. Higher mathematics. Set of problems and sample solutions for studensts of financial and economical specialties. // Kiev, NTUU KPI, Polytechnika, 2010, 266 p. (co-authors: V.V.Buldygin, L.A.Repeta.)

3. Higher mathematics. Theory, problems and sample solutions : Handbook for studensts of financial and economical specialties.. // Kiev, NTUU KPI, Polytechnika, 2012, 215 p. (co-authors: V.V.Buldygin, L.A.Repeta.)

4. Distance learning course: Higher mathematics for studensts of financial and economical specialties. Approved by methidic counsit of NTUU KPI. 21.03.2013.


Breastplate “Distinguished Professor of Education of Ukraine” (2001)

Honorary breastplate “100 Years KPI”

Medal "Veteran of Labour"

The Certificate of Appreciation from City Council of Kiew for Long-Term work in the Sphrere of Pedagogy