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Maryna K. Ilienko

Associate professor of the department

Maryna K. Ilienko

Works in KPI since 2007

Teaches on faculties: IPSA, FIOT, FMF

Courses taught:

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NTUU «KPI», Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, «Mathematics»

Academic degree:

PhD (01.01.05), 2012

Latest papers:

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17. Runovska, M.K. Series of regressive sequences / Abstracts of international conference ``Modern Stochastics: Theory and Applications III'', Kyiv, 2012, P. 43.

18. Runovska, M.K. The strong law of large numbers for sums of elements of regressive sequences with scalar normalizations / Workshop on Limit Theorems in Probability Theory and Number Theory, Ulm, 2012, P. 14.

19. Runovska, M.K. Strong law of large numbers for scalar-normed sums of elements of regressive sequences of random variables / Annales Univ. Sci. Budapest., Sect. Comp., 2013, P. 365-379.