Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory
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N. O. Virchenko

Professor of the department

N. O. Virchenko

Works in KPI since 1974

Teaches on faculties: FMF

Courses taught:
Teaching mathematics in high school

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National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, 1961

Academic degree:

Doctor thesis 1989

Academic rank:

Professor, 1990

Latest works:

Virchenko N.O. Generalized integral transformations. - 2013. - K.: "Zadruga". - 400p

Latest papers:

1. The Generalized classical integral transforms, Math. Balkanica, 2012, vol. 26.

2. An analytic functions, Le Matematische, 2012, vol. 67 (joint with I.Alexandrovich) 

3. On $\tau$-confluent hypergeometric functions, Journal of Inequalities and Special Functions, 2013, vol. 4, №.1.

4. $r$-confluent hypergeometric functions and their applications// Scientific news of "KPI". - 2012. - № 4. - P. 20–25. (joint with O.Didychenko) (In Ukrainian)

5. Dual integral equations with generalized hypergeometric functions// Reports of NAS of Ukraine. -2013. - №6. - P. 7-12. (In Ukrainian)