Фізико-математичний факультет

March 29-30, 2011
National Technical University of Ukraine «KPI»
Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory

International workshop
«Stochastic Analysis and Applications»

Organized by: Prof. Valeriy Buldygin and Prof. Oleg Klesov

Held at: Room 432, bld. 7, 37 Peremogy av., Kyiv, Ukraine


March 29, 14:30–15:30: Josef Steinebach (Köln)
Sequential testing of gradual changes in the drift of a renewal process
March 29, 15:30–16:30: Paul Doukhan (Paris)
Integer valued time series
March 30, 14:30–15:30: Yurii Kondratiev (Bielefeld)
Kinetic equations for Markov dynamics
March 30, 15:30–16:00: Dmitrii Finkelshtein (Kiev)
From microscopic to mesoscopic dynamics for stochastic ecological models

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